Semalt Advice – The Best Applications For Parsing Big Data

Parsing is a process of analyzing a string of symbols, either in computer languages, natural language or the data structures. The term has different meanings in varying branches of computer science and linguistics. For example, traditional sentence parsing is the method of understanding the exact meanings of a word or sentence. On the other hand, website parsing is the process of parsing all sentences or data of a webpage, its strings, constituents, and words.

Let us check out the list of best applications for parsing a site or blog.

1. Email2DB

It is one of the best website parsing tools. Email2DB is primarily a data mining utility that is designed to extract data from email addresses. You can then use the extracted or parsed data to update your own website. There are a large number of features of this application, but the most distinctive feature is its ability to parse multiple web pages at a time. You can also use Email2DB to extract phone numbers, fax numbers, and email messages. It allows us to specify the actions and triggers. In short, Email2DB is used to scrape data from all types of sites and comes in free and paid versions. Its' free, 30-day trial version is available for instant download and can be used to parse up to 100 web pages. However, the paid version will cost you something around $500.

2. Log Parser

It is one of the best website parsing software on the internet. Log Parser is the free command line utility that is suitable for the Windows users. It allows us to perform queries against different file types such as log files, XML files, and CSV files. You can also use this application to parse different data sources such as Windows Event Logs and Active Directory. Log Parser is far better than any other site parsing program, is flexible, offers better services, and can be downloaded on any computer device instantly. It ensures excellent user experience, and you don't need to work with complicated command lines.

3. Log Parser QL

Just like Log Parser, Log Parser QL is the free utility or web application that helps parse HTML, CSV files and other types of the delimited files. When you open your file in LogQL, the application will instantly display the description of its fields and will provide you accurate and reliable results. Once the field is known, you can easily use the Select Statements option to extract data from that file. You can easily target HTML and CSV files and can parse them individually. In order to use this application, you would have to install Java on your computer system.

4. Data Parse

The free edition of Data Parse is suitable for both programmers and non-programmers. It is a Java-based application for parsing different web pages and analyzing the data. It is very flexible and offers a lot of options and features. Data Parse uses an interactive scripting language to parse web content. It has a user-friendly interface and can be downloaded from the net with just a few clicks.